Monday, September 15, 2008

The end of a journey

I feel a great sense of achievement that I have managed to reach the end of the programme. I am not a computer junkie so I was rather nervous about what I would be capable of.Some of the exercises took me hours but what a sense of achievement at the end.I know my blog is plain and that I could not do some of the exercises in as much depth as others could but I am glad that I made the journey of discovery.There is so much "interesting stuff" out there and lots to go back to and explore in the future.
Some of the exercises I had heard, about( facebook, Utube)and others had me very frustrated and tearing my hair out,not to mention muttering unpleasant things to the computer.(Royllo and RSS feeds). However after completing the "awards winners" exercise the penny dropped for me as I realised how these things work{tags, feeds }. I wrote about "Geni" in my Blog and received a comment back from the people at Geni.
THanks for the opportunity to participate.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

You had a interesting blog with thought provoking comments. Well done - you have achieved a lot - so congratulations!