Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Web 2.0 Awards GENI

Well it seems I have already been exploring as we constructed a family tree some time ago. Geni came second in the genealogy section for the web 2.0 awards. It is a private forum for members to construct a family tree and history. Members can upload photos , add news etc. Before each persons birthday Geni sends out a reminder email so you can send the birthday person a message. Very handy as you tend to forget. You can also see your place in the family tree and who you are related to.
I think it is a well thought out site , fairly easy to use and useful to keep track of family scattered over the world.

I also had a look around this health site.
As with all these exercises you need hours to explore.

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keith said...


Thank you for featuring Geni in this post. We really appreciate it. Don't forget, you can also upload Videos and send Anniversary greetings among many other great features. Once again, thanks for the mention.

The Geni Team